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The COPY Procedure

Syntax: COPY Procedure

Restriction: PROC COPY ignores concatenations with catalogs. Use PROC CATALOG COPY to copy concatenated catalogs.
Restriction: PROC COPY does not support data set options.
Tip: Complete documentation for the COPY statement and the COPY procedure is in COPY Statement.
Table of Contents: The COPY Procedure

PROC COPY OUT=libref-1 IN=libref-2
<MEMTYPE=(mtype-1 <...mtype-n>)>
<MOVE <ALTER=alter-password>>;
EXCLUDE SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n> </ MEMTYPE=mtype>;
SELECT SAS-file-1 <...SAS-file-n> </ <MEMTYPE=mtype>


The links in the following table are to the DATASETS procedure documentation, which explains these options.  [cautionend]

Task Option
Copy one or more files PROC COPY
Exclude files or memtypes EXCLUDE
Name of source library IN= (required)
Name of destination library OUT= (required)
Select files or memtypes SELECT

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