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The APPEND Procedure

Syntax: APPEND Procedure

Tip: You can use the ATTRIB, FORMAT, LABEL, and WHERE statements.
Tip: You can use data set options with the BASE= and DATA= options.
Tip: Complete documentation for the APPEND statement and the APPEND procedure is in APPEND Statement .
Table of Contents: The APPEND Procedure

PROC APPEND BASE=<libref.>SAS-data-set <DATA=<libref.>SAS-data-set> <FORCE> <APPENDVER=V6> <GETSORT>;


The links in the following table are to the DATASETS procedure documentation, which explains these options.  [cautionend]

Task Option
Add observations from one SAS data set to the end of another SAS data set PROC APPEND
Add observations to the data set one at a time APPENDVER=V6
Name of destination data set BASE= (required)
Name of source data set DATA=
Forces the append when variables are different FORCE
Copies the sort indicator that was established by using PROC SORT from the DATA= data set to the BASE= data set GETSORT
Suppresses the warning message when used with the FORCE option to concatenate two data sets with different variables NOWARN

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