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Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide

The FORMAT Procedure

Overview: FORMAT Procedure
Syntax: FORMAT Procedure
EXCLUDE Statement
INVALUE Statement
PICTURE Statement
SELECT Statement
VALUE Statement
Informat and Format Options
Specifying Values or Ranges
Concepts: FORMAT Procedure
Results: FORMAT Procedure
Examples: FORMAT Procedure
Example 1: Creating a Picture Format
Example 2: Creating a Format for Character Values
Example 3: Writing a Format for Dates Using a Standard SAS Format
Example 4: Converting Raw Character Data to Numeric Values
Example 5: Creating a Format from a Data Set
Example 6: Printing the Description of Informats and Formats
Example 7: Retrieving a Permanent Format
Example 8: Writing Ranges for Character Strings
Example 9: Filling a Picture Format
Example 10: Creating a Format in a non-English Language
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