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Base SAS 9.2 Procedures Guide

The PRINT Procedure

Overview: PRINT Procedure
Syntax: PRINT Procedure
PROC PRINT Statement
BY Statement
ID Statement
PAGEBY Statement
SUM Statement
SUMBY Statement
VAR Statement
Results: Print Procedure
Examples: PRINT Procedure
Example 1: Selecting Variables to Print
Example 2: Customizing Text in Column Headings
Example 3: Creating Separate Sections of a Report for Groups of Observations
Example 4: Summing Numeric Variables with One BY Group
Example 5: Summing Numeric Variables with Multiple BY Variables
Example 6: Limiting the Number of Sums in a Report
Example 7: Controlling the Layout of a Report with Many Variables
Example 8: Creating a Customized Layout with BY Groups and ID Variables
Example 9: Printing All the Data Sets in a SAS Library

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