Additional Documentation for SAS/OR Software

In addition to SAS/OR User’s Guide: Mathematical Programming, you might find the following documents helpful when using SAS/OR software:

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Bill of Material Processing

provides documentation for the BOM procedure and all bill of material postprocessing SAS macros. The BOM procedure and SAS macros provide the ability to generate different reports and to perform several transactions to maintain and update bills of material.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Constraint Programming

provides documentation for the constraint programming procedure in SAS/OR software. This book serves as the primary documentation for the CLP procedure.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Local Search Optimization

provides documentation for the local search optimization procedures in SAS/OR software. This book serves as the primary documentation for the GA procedure, which uses genetic algorithms to solve optimization problems, and the OPTLSO procedure, which performs parallel hybrid derivative-free optimization.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Mathematical Programming Examples

supplements the SAS/OR User’s Guide: Mathematical Programming with additional examples that demonstrate best practices for building and solving linear programming, mixed integer linear programming, and quadratic programming problems. The problem statements are reproduced with permission from the book Model Building in Mathematical Programming by H. Paul Williams.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Mathematical Programming Legacy Procedures

provides documentation for the older mathematical programming procedures in SAS/OR software. This book serves as the primary documentation for the INTPOINT, LP, NETFLOW, and NLP procedures. Guidelines are also provided on migrating from these older procedures to the newer OPTMODEL family of procedures.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Network Optimization Algorithms

provides documentation for a set of algorithms that can be used to investigate the characteristics of networks and to solve network-oriented optimization problems. This book also documents PROC OPTNET, which invokes these algorithms and provides network-structured formats for input and output data.

SAS/OR User’s Guide: Project Management

provides documentation for the project management procedures in SAS/OR software. This book serves as the primary documentation for the CPM, DTREE, GANTT, NETDRAW, and PM procedures, in addition to the PROJMAN Application, a graphical user interface for project management.

SAS/OR Software: Project Management Examples, Version 6

contains a series of examples that illustrate how to use SAS/OR software to manage projects. Each chapter contains a complete project management scenario and describes how to use PROC GANTT, PROC CPM, and PROC NETDRAW, in addition to other reporting and graphing procedures in the SAS System, to perform the necessary project management tasks.

SAS Simulation Studio: User’s Guide

provides documentation about using SAS Simulation Studio, a graphical application for creating and working with discrete-event simulation models. This book describes in detail how to build and run simulation models and how to interact with SAS software for analysis and with JMP software for experimental design and analysis.