The procedures in SAS/OR software were implemented by the Operations Research and Development Department. Substantial support was given to the project by other members of the Analytical Solutions Division. Core Development Division, Display Products Division, Graphics Division, and the Host Systems Division also contributed to this product.

In the following list, the name of the developer(s) currently supporting the procedure is listed.



Leo Lopes, Jack Rouse

LP Simplex Algorithms


Philipp Christophel, Matthew Galati, Imre Pólik, Ben-Hao Wang, Yan Xu

LP Interior Point Algorithm


Hao Cheng

MILP Solver


Philipp Christophel, Matthew Galati, Menal Guzelsoy, Amar Narisetty, Yan Xu

NLP Solver


Joshua Griffin, Tao Huang, Wenwen Zhou

QP Solver


Hao Cheng



Hao Cheng, Matthew Galati, Imre Pólik, Ben-Hao Wang, Yan Xu



Hao Cheng, Wenwen Zhou



Philipp Christophel, Amar Narisetty, Yan Xu

Decomposition Algorithm


Matthew Galati

OPTMILP Option Tuner


Ben-Hao Wang

MPS-Format SAS Data Set


Hao Cheng, Amar Narisetty

ODS Output


Philipp Christophel

Linear Algebra Specialist


Alexander Andrianov

High-performance computing foundation


Steve E. Krueger

High-Performance Analytics foundation


Robert Cohen, Georges H. Guirguis, Trevor Kearney, Richard Knight, Gang Meng, Oliver Schabenberger, Charles Shorb, Tom P. Weber

Numerical routines


Alexander Andrianov, Georges H. Guirguis