SAS/OR® 12.1 User's Guide: Mathematical Programming Legacy Procedures

Surveys the syntax and use of the legacy SAS/OR procedures for mathematical optimization, including the LP, NETFLOW, NLP, and INTPOINT procedures. Since all users are encouraged to end their use of these legacy procedures at some point and transition to using the OPTMODEL family of optimization procedures, this book is provided chiefly as a historical reference. For the LP, INTPOINT, and NETFLOW procedures, this book includes examples of the use of the MPSOUT= option, which transforms the input SAS data sets for these legacy procedures into SAS data sets that can be used as input to the newer OPTLP or OPTMILP procedures as appropriate. For the NLP procedure, a section on translating nonlinear optimization models for use with the newer PROC OPTMODEL is included. This book is suitable for both new and experienced users of SAS/OR optimization, but some previous exposure to optimization topics is recommended.