ID Statement

ID variables ;

The ID statement specifies SAS variables containing values for pre- and post-optimal processing and analysis. These variables are not processed by PROC NETFLOW but are read by the procedure and written in the ARCOUT= and CONOUT= data sets and the output of PRINT statements. For example, imagine a network used to model a distribution system. The SAS variables listed on the ID statement can contain information on type of vehicle, transportation mode, condition of road, time to complete journey, name of driver, or other ancillary information useful for report writing or describing facets of the operation that do not have bearing on the optimization. The ID variables can be character, numeric, or both.

If no ID list is specified, the procedure forms an ID list of all SAS variables not included in any other implicit or explicit list specification. If the ID list is specified, any SAS variables in the ARCDATA= data set not in any list are dropped and do not appear in the ARCOUT= or CONOUT= data sets, or in the PRINT statement output.