SUPDEM Statement

SUPDEM variable ;

The SAS variable in this list, which must be present in the NODEDATA= data set, contains supply and demand information for the nodes in the NODE list. A positive SUPDEM list variable value $ s \:  (s>0)$ denotes that the node named in the NODE list variable can supply $ s$ units of flow. A negative SUPDEM list variable value $ -d \:  (d>0)$ means that this node demands $ d$ units of flow. If a SAS variable is not explicitly specified, a SAS variable with the name _SUPDEM_ or _SD_ in the NODEDATA= data set is used as the SUPDEM variable. If a node is a transshipment node (neither a supply nor a demand node), an observation associated with this node need not be present in the NODEDATA= data set. If present, the SUPDEM list variable value must be zero or a missing value. See the section Missing S Supply and Missing D Demand Values for cases when the SUPDEM list variable values can have other values.