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The CLP Procedure

Schedule Data Set

In order to solve a scheduling-type CSP, you need to specify a schedule data set by using the SCHEDDATA= option in the PROC CLP statement. The Schedule data set contains all the solutions that have been determined by the CLP procedure.

The schedule data set always contains the following five variables: SOLUTION, ACTIVITY, DUR, START, and FINISH. If any resources have been specified, the data set also contains a variable corresponding to each resource specified in the RESOURCE statement having the same name as the resource. The SOLUTION variable gives the solution number that each observation corresponds to. The ACTIVITY variable identifies the activity. The DUR variable gives the duration of the activity. The START and FINISH variables give the scheduled start and finish times for the activity. If there are resources presented, then the corresponding resource variable indicates whether or not the resource is being used for the activity.

For every solution found and for each activity, the schedule data set contains an observation that lists the assignment information for that activity.

If an activity data set has been specified, then the formats and labels for the ACTIVITY and DUR variables carry over to the schedule data set.

Note: This procedure is experimental.

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