Highlights of Enhancements in SAS/OR 9.22

Some users are moving directly from SAS/OR 9.2 to SAS/OR 9.3. The following are some of the major enhancements that were introduced in SAS/OR 9.22:

  • You can customize the format of the time axis on the Gantt chart.

  • You can import and convert Microsoft Project data that has been saved in XML format.

  • The CLP procedure is now production with the exception of the scheduling-related constraints.

  • The OPTMODEL procedure supports named problems to enable easy manipulation of multiple subproblems.

  • The IPNLP and NLPU solvers support new techniques for large-scale optimization.

  • SAS Simulation Studio 1.5 is a new graphical application for discrete event simulation and is included with SAS/OR software.