Overview: BOM Postprocessing Macros

The bill of material postprocessing macros are divided into two groups based on their functionality. The reporting macros generate miscellaneous reports from the Indented BOM output data set of PROC BOM, or a data set that contains indented bill of material. The reports include:

  • Single-level bill of material

  • Single-level where-used list

  • Indented bill of material

  • Indented where-used list

  • Summarized bill of material

  • Summarized where-used list

See Indented BOM Data Set in Chapter 3, The BOM Procedure, for details on the Indented BOM data set.

The transactional macros perform specialized transactions for maintaining and updating the bill of material for a product, product line, plant, or company. The transactions include:

  • Copy-and-paste

  • Multiple-delete

  • Multiple-replace

  • Same-as-except

Used correctly, these transactions make it possible to avoid some clerical work and reduce the time to maintain the bill of material. However, if the transactions are used incorrectly, it may take hours to reconstruct what was changed automatically in a matter of seconds (Landvater and Gray 1989).