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What is the SAS Metadata Model?

The SAS Metadata Model defines the metadata types that SAS metadata APIs use to create metadata objects. It is an object-oriented, hierarchical model.

The SAS Metadata Model provides metadata types in the REPOS namespace and SAS namespace.

The REPOS namespace metadata types define metadata repositories and the SAS Repository Manager. The SAS Metadata Server uses information that clients store in repository objects to access metadata repositories. It uses the SAS Repository Manager to manage the metadata repositories.

The SAS namespace defines metadata types that describe application elements. Clients use the metadata types in various combinations to create metadata that describes application data and entities used by an application. Clients use this metadata to manage the entities that they describe. For example, a client might use the metadata that defines a stored process, cube, or job to manage the stored process, cube, or job. A client might export the metadata for a data store so that the data store can be accessed by more than one application.

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