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SAS Namespace Hierarchy and Association Diagrams

Overview of Hierarchy and Association Diagrams

This section provides graphical representations of the metadata types described in Overview of SAS Namespace Submodels. Hierarchy diagrams illustrate supertype/subtype relationships. Association diagrams show associations between related metadata types. The purpose of the diagrams is to help you to understand the relationships between SAS namespace metadata types. By understanding these relationships, you can

The diagrams are grouped according to submodel.

Understanding the Diagrams

The diagrams in this section are modified UML diagrams. The acronym "UML" stands for Unified Modeling Language, which is an object-oriented analysis and design language developed by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Each diagram shows only a part of the total structure. The following notes apply to all diagrams:

The following notes apply only to association diagrams:

For more information about associations and cardinality, see Understanding Associations.

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