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Using the SAS Metadata Model

Creating a Logical Metadata Definition

The term "metadata object" refers to an instance of a metadata type in a SAS Metadata Repository. As stated in Understanding Metadata Types, a logical metadata definition includes the collection of metadata types that describe an application entity. To create a logical metadata definition, you must create metadata objects of all of the metadata types that represent an application entity.

A SAS Metadata Model metadata type is instantiated by creating a metadata object that stores object-specific values for the metadata type's attributes and associations in a SAS Metadata Repository. The SAS Open Metadata Interface IOMI methods support creating and updating objects by submitting XML metadata property strings that provide object-specific values. For information about how to format an XML metadata property string that defines an object, see "Constructing a Metadata Property String" in SAS Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage. The SAS Java Metadata Interface provides generated Java interfaces and implementation classes for each SAS Metadata Model metadata type. After creating an object, you can use getter and setter methods from each interface to define an object's attributes and associations.

To create a logical metadata definition, create the primary or top-level object in the definition. This primary object should be a PrimaryType subtype from the SAS Metadata Model. Therefore, PrimaryType properties are available to manage the object created by the definition. Next, create associations and objects that describe the supporting metadata types. The supporting metadata types can be SecondaryType subtypes in the SAS Metadata Model, or public components.

The objects that compose a logical metadata definition can be created and associated with one another in a single server request. Or, they can be created and associated in several server requests. For information about methods that enable you to add objects to a SAS Metadata Repository, see SAS Open Metadata Interface: Reference and Usage.

Required Attributes and Associations

The Name attribute is required to instantiate a metadata type. Only four SAS namespace metadata types have additional required attributes.

Required attributes are: End, Prefix, and Start
Required attribute is: PasswordHash
Required attributes are: ColumnWidth and NumberOfPortlets
Required attributes are: NumberOfColumns and Type

Many metadata types have required associations. A required association has a cardinality of 1..1. To identify required associations, review the metadata type's reference documentation at Alphabetical Listing of SAS Namespace Types.

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