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Connection Options

The CONNECT statement enables you to connect to a SAS OLAP Server.

CONNECT <connection options>;

The following server connection options on the OLAPOPERATE statement establish communication with a SAS OLAP Server.


specifies the host name or network IP address of the computer hosting the SAS OLAP Server (for example, The value "localhost" can be used if the SAS session is connecting to a server on the same computer.


specifies the TCP port to which the SAS OLAP Server listens for connections (for example PORT= 5451).


specifies a user ID to be used to connect to the SAS OLAP Server. The user must have Administer privileges for the OLAP Server in order to execute statements of the OLAPOPERATE procedure.


specifies the password that corresponds to the user ID.


(Security Support Provider Interface) specifies that the identity of the user running the SAS session will be used to establish the connection. The USERID and PASSWORD options are unnecessary and will be ignored when SSPI is specified. For further information on SSPI, see Integrated Windows Authentication and Single Sign-On and the SSPI topic in Communications Access Methods for SAS/CONNECT and SAS/SHARE .


specifies the Service Principal Name of the connection destination. This option is optional even if SSPI is specified. When SPN is not specified, one is created using the HOST and PORT values.

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