Where to Go from Here

Examples of ODS output:
To see the types of output that you can create with ODS, see Gallery of ODS Samples.
Essential concepts in ODS:
For concepts that will help you to understand and to use ODS to your best advantage, see Introduction to the Output Delivery System.
Creating more complex HTML pages:
With ODS, you can create HTML pages that include a frame and a table of contents. For more information, see ODS HTML Statement and ODS and the HTML Destination. You can see many examples of HTML output in the Base SAS Procedures Guide online documentation.
ODS statements:
For reference information about the ODS statements, see Dictionary of ODS Language Statements. These statements control the many features of the Output Delivery System.
Using ODS with the DATA step:
With the addition of ODS-related options to the FILE and PUT statements, you can use ODS to produce enhanced DATA step reports. See Using ODS with the DATA Step.
Creating your own templates:
For even more control over formatting, you can create your own templates for formatting output. See TEMPLATE Procedure: Overview.