TEMPLATE Procedure: Managing Template Stores

Concepts: Template Stores and the TEMPLATE Procedure

The Contents of Templates That SAS Supplies

SAS provides templates for these items:
  • tables
  • crosstabulation tables
  • SAS statistical graphics
  • styles
  • tagsets
To view the contents of a template, use the SAS windowing environment, the SAS window command ODSTEMPLATES, or the TEMPLATE procedure.
  • SAS Windowing Environment
    1. From the SAS Explorer, select Viewthen selectResults.
    2. In the Results window, select the Results folder. Right-click to open the Templates window.
    3. To view the definitions or templates that SAS supplies, click the plus sign that is next to the Sashelp.Tmplmst item store.
    4. Click the plus sign that is next to an icon to view the contents of that template store or directory in a template store. If there is no plus sign next to the icon, double-click the icon to view the contents of that directory.
  • SAS Windowing Command
    1. To view the Templates window, submit this command in the command bar:
      This display shows the Templates window that contains the item stores Sasuser.Templat and Sashelp.Tmplmst.
    2. When you double-click an item store, such as Sashelp.Tmplmst, that item store expands to list the directories where ODS templates are stored. The templates that SAS provides are in the item store Sashelp.Tmplmst.
  • TEMPLATE Procedure
    The SOURCE statement writes the source code for the specified template to the SAS log. For example, if you want to view the source for all the objects in Base SAS, submit this code:
    proc template;
    source base;
    Note: For more information, see SOURCE Statement.
From the Templates window, you can see the definitions and templates that SAS supplies or that you created. This figure shows the styles that SAS supplies.
Templates That SAS Supplies
Templates That SAS Supplies