Reverts the ODS settings back to start-up defaults.
Valid in: Anywhere
Category: ODS: Output Control
Tip: It is useful to specify this statement if you are creating graphics and have changed your default output directory to something other than Work. When you specify the ODS PREFERENCES statement, the default directory is set to Work, which is the original default. Any output is then generated in your Work folder.



Without Arguments

The ODS PREFERENCES statement reverts the ODS back to the default behavior:
  • HTML output is created.
  • Listing output is not created.
  • Both HTML and graph image files are saved in the Work folder (and not your current directory).
  • Default style is HTMLBlue.
  • ODS Graphics is enabled.
The changes made by the ODS PREFERENCES statement last only for the duration of your SAS session, or until you change them with an ODS statement or option. The ODS PREFERENCES statement does not change the settings in the TOOLSthen selectOptionsthen selectPreferencesthen selectResults dialog box.