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Output Delivery System: Basic Concepts

Changing SAS Registry Settings for ODS

Overview of ODS and the SAS Registry

The SAS registry is the central storage area for configuration data that ODS uses. This configuration data is stored in a hierarchical form, which works in a similar manner to the way directory-based file structures work under UNIX, Windows, VMS, and the z/OS UNIX system. However, the SAS registry uses keys and subkeys as the basis for its structure, instead of using directories and subdirectories, like similar file systems in DOS or UNIX. A key is a word or a text string that refers to a particular aspect of SAS. Each key might be a place holder without values or subkeys associated with it, or it might have many subkeys with associated values. For example, the ODS key has DESTINATIONS, GUI, ICONS, and PREFERENCES subkeys. A subkey is a key inside another key. For example, PRINTER is a subkey of the DESTINATIONS subkey.

SAS Registry of ODS Subkeys

[SAS Registry of ODS Subkeys]

Changing Your Default HTML Version Setting

By default, the SAS registry is configured to generate HTML4 output when you specify the ODS HTML statement. To permanently change the default HTML version, you can change the setting of the HTML version in the SAS registry.

If you make a mistake when you modify the SAS registry, then your system might become unstable or unusable.

You will not be warned if an entry is incorrect. Incorrect entries can cause errors, and can even prevent you from bringing up a SAS session. See the section on configuring the SAS registry in SAS Language Reference: Concepts for more information.  [cautionend]

To change the default setting of the HTML version in the SAS registry:
  1. Select Accessories [arrow] Solutions [arrow] Registry Editor or
    issue the command REGEDIT .

  2. Select ODS [arrow] Default HMTL Version.

  3. Select Edit [arrow]  Modify or
    click the right mouse button and select MODIFY. The Edit String Value window appears.

  4. Type the HTML version in the Value Data text box and select OK.

SAS Registry Showing HTML Version Setting

[SAS Registry Showing HTML Version Setting]

Changing ODS Destination Default Settings

ODS destination subkeys are stored in the SAS registry. To change the values for these destinations subkeys:

  1. Select ODS [arrow] Destinations.

  2. Select a destination subkey.

  3. Select a subkey in the Contents of pane.

  4. Select Edit [arrow]  Modify or
    click the right mouse button and select MODIFY.

  5. Type the value into the Value Data text box in the Edit Value String or Edit Signed Integer Value dialog box and select OK.

Registry Editor Window

[Registry Editor Window]

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