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SAS 9.2 Output Delivery System User's Guide

TEMPLATE Procedure: Creating Markup Language Tagsets

Overview: ODS Tagsets and the TEMPLATE PROCEDURE
Markup Language Syntax: TEMPLATE Procedure
Event Variables
Concepts: Markup Languages and the TEMPLATE Procedure
Examples: Creating and Modifying Markup Languages Using the TEMPLATE Procedure
Example 1: Creating a Tagset through Inheritance
Example 2: Creating a Tagset by Copying a Tagset's Source
Example 3: Creating a New Tagset
Example 4: Executing Events Using the TRIGGER= Statement
Example 5: Indenting Output
Example 6: Using Different Styles for Events
Example 7: Modifying an Event to Include Other Stylesheets
Example 8: Using the STACKED_COLUMNS Attribute in a Tagset

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