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TEMPLATE Procedure: Managing Template Stores

Template Store Syntax: TEMPLATE Procedure

Table of Contents: TEMPLATE Procedure: Managing Template Stores

DELETE item-path< / STORE=libref.template-store>;
LINK item-path-1 TO item-path-2 </option(s)>;
LIST <starting-path></ option(s)>;
PATH location(s);
SOURCE item-path </option(s)><STORE=libref.template-store>;
TEST DATA=data-set< / STORE=libref.template-store>;

Task Statement
Delete the specified item DELETE Statement
Create a link to an existing item LINK Statement
List items in one or more template stores LIST Statement
Specify which locations to write to or read from when you create or use PROC TEMPLATE items, and specify the order in which to search for them PATH Statement
Write the source code for the specified item to the SAS log SOURCE Statement
Test the most recently created item by binding it to the specified data set TEST Statement

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