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ODS HTML Statements for Running Examples in Different Operating Environments

Using a z/OS PDSE for EBCDIC HTML Output

/* Allocate a PDSE for the HTML Output. */
filename pdsehtml '.example.htm' 
                  dsntype=library dsorg=po
                  disp=(new, catlg, delete);

/* Specify the files to create for the HTML output. */
/* These files are PDSE members.                    */
/* The PATH= option specifies the location for all  */
/* the HTML files. The URL= suboption prevents      */
/* information from PATH= from appearing in the     */
/* links and references that ODS creates. The URLs  */
/* will be the same as the file specifications.     */
/* The RS= option creates HTML that you can work    */
/* with in an editor and use on a z/OS Web server.  */

ods html body='odsexb'

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