LOCALE System Option

Specifies a set of attributes in a SAS session that reflect the language, local conventions, and culture for a geographical region.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window
Category: Environment control: Language control
Default: English_UnitedStates
UNIX specifics: Also valid in SASV9_OPTIONS environment variable


-LOCALE locale-name (UNIX and Windows)
LOCALE=locale-name (UNIX, Windows, and z/OS)

Required Argument

For a complete list of locale values (SAS names and POSIX names), see LOCALE= Values and Default Settings for ENCODING, PAPERSIZE, DFLANG, and DATESTYLE Options.


The LOCALE= system option is used to specify the locale, which reflects the local conventions, language, and culture a geographical region.
If the value of the LOCALE= system option is not compatible with the value of the ENCODING= system option, the character-set encoding is determined by the value of the ENCODING= system option.
If the DBCS= system option is active, the values of the DBCSTYPE= and DBCSLANG= system options determine the locale and character-set encoding.
When you set a value for LOCALE=, the value of the following system options are modified unless explicit values have been specified:
The locale that you set has a common encoding value that is used most often in the operating environment where SAS runs. If the ENCODING= option is not set explicitly in a config file or on the command line, SAS will use the ENCODING that is default for the LOCALE and operating system. The LOCALE may be set explicitly or may default. When the ENCODING= system option is set, the TRANTAB= system option is also set.
When LOCALE= is set, the DATESTYLE= system option uses the value that corresponds to the chosen locale.
When LOCALE= is set, the DFLANG= system option is set to a value that corresponds to the chosen locale.
When LOCALE= is set, the PAPERSIZE= system option is set to a value that corresponds to the chosen locale and the ODS printer is set to the preferred unit of measurement, inches or centimeters, for that locale.
Under the Windows operating systems only:
The LOCALE= option can be used to specify PAPERSIZE= only if the UNIVERSALPRINT and UPRINTMENUSWITCH system options are also specified. For details, see the UNIVERSALPRINT system option in SAS System Options: Reference and the UPRINTMENUSWITCH system option in SAS Companion for Windows.