KINDEXC Function

Searches a character expression for specified characters.
Category: DBCS
Tip: Non-DBCS equivalent function is INDEXC Function in SAS Functions and CALL Routines: Reference


KINDEXC(source,excerpt-1<,… excerpt-n> )

Required Arguments

specifies the character expression to search.
specifies the characters to search for in the character expression.
Tip:If you specify more than one excerpt, separate them with a comma.


See Internationalization Compatibility for SAS String Functions for restrictions and more information.
The KINDEXC function searches source, from left to right, for the first occurrence of any character present in the excerpts and returns the position in source of that character. If none of the characters in excerpt-1 through excerpt-n in source are found, KINDEXC returns a value of 0.


The KINDEXC function searches for the first occurrence of any individual character that is present within the character string, whereas the KINDEX function searches for the first occurrence of the character string as a pattern.

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