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Encoding Values in SAS Language Elements

SBCS, DBCS, and Unicode Encoding Values for Transcoding Data

Table 17.1 presents a list of SBCS, DBCS, and Unicode encoding values for transcoding data for all operating environments. The encoding values in Table 16.1 are valid for SAS language elements that contain options for transcoding.

Note:   If an encoding value contains a hyphen (-), enclose the encoding value in quotation marks.   [cautionend]

SBCS, DBCS, and Unicode Encoding Values Used to Transcode Data
Encoding Name Short Name Description
aarabic aara Arabic Macintosh
agreek agrk Greek Macintosh
ahebrew aheb Hebrew Macintosh
aiceland aice Icelandic Macintosh
any anye no transcoding is specified
arabic arab Arabic ISO
aroman arom Roman Macintosh
aturkish atur Turkish Macintosh
aukrainian aukr Ukrainian Macintosh
big5 big5 Traditional Chinese Big5
cyrillic cyrl Cyrillic ISO
dec-cn jums Simplified Chinese DEC
dec-jp jvms Japanese DEC
dec-tw yvms Traditional Chinese DEC
ebcdic037 e037 North American EBCDIC
ebcdic275 e275 Brazil EBCDIC
ebcdic424 e424 Hebrew EBCDIC
ebcdic425 e425 Arabic EBCDIC
ebcdic500 e500 International EBCDIC
ebcdic838 e838 Thai EBCDIC
ebcdic870 e870 Central European EBCDIC
ebcdic875 e875 Greek EBCDIC
ebcdic924 e924 European EBCDIC
ebcdic1025 ecyr Cyrillic EBCDIC
ebcdic1026 etur Turkish EBCDIC
ebcdic1047 elat Western EBCDIC
ebcdic1112 ebal Baltic EBCDIC
ebcdic1122 eest Estonian EBCDIC
ebcdic1130 evie Vietnamese EBCDIC
ebcdic1140 e140 North American EBCDIC
ebcdic1141 e141 Austria/Germany EBCDIC
ebcdic1142 e142 Denmark/Norway EBCDIC
ebcdic1143 e143 Finland/Sweden EBCDIC
ebcdic1144 e144 Italy EBCDIC
ebcdic1145 e145 Spain EBCDIC
ebcdic1146 e146 United Kingdom EBCDIC
ebcdic1147 e147 France EBCDIC
ebcdic1148 e148 International EBCDIC
ebcdicany eany enables you to create a data set that is compatible with all EBCDIC encodings
euc-cn zeuc Simplified Chinese EUC
euc-jp jeuc Japanese EUC
euc-kr keuc Korean EUC
euc-tw yeuc Traditional Chinese EUC
fujitsu-cn zfuj Simplified Chinese FACOM
fujitsu-jp jfug Japanese FACOM
fujitsu-ko kfuj Korean FACOM
fujitsu-tw yfuj Traditional Chinese FACOM
greek grek Greek ISO
hebrew hebr Hebrew ISO
hitachi-cn zhit Simplified Chinese HITAC
hitachi-jp jhit Japanese HITAC
hitachi-ko khit Korean HITAC
hitachi-tw yhit Traditional Chinese HITAC
hitsas-jp jhts Japanese XHITAC
hitsas-ko khts Korean XHITAC
hitsas-tw yhts Traditional Chinese XHITAC
hp15-tw yhpx Traditional Chinese HP15
ibm-1381 zpce Simplified Chinese PCIBM
ibm-930 j930 Japanese Katakana - 930
ibm-933 kibm Korean IBM
ibm-935 zibm Simplified Chinese IBM
ibm-937 yibm Traditional Chinese IBM
ibm-939 jibm Japanese IBM
ibm-942 j942 Japanese PCIBM
ibm-949 kpce Korean PCIBM
latin1 lat1 Western ISO
latin2 lat2 Central European ISO
latin5 lat5 Turkish ISO
latin6 lat6 Baltic ISO
latin9 lat9 European ISO
macos-1 jmac Japanese PCMAC
macos-2 ymac Traditional Chinese PCMAC
macos-3 kmac Korean PCMAC
macos-25 zmac Simplified Chinese PCMAC
ms-932 j932 Japanese PCMS
ms-936 zwin Simplified Chinese PCMS
ms-949 kwin Korean PCMS
ms-950 ywin Traditional Chinese PCMS
msdos720 p720 Arabic MS-DOS
msdos737 p737 Greek MS-DOS
msdos775 p775 Baltic MS-DOS
open_ed-275 eobr Brazil OpenEdition
open_ed-424 eoiw Hebrew OpenEdition
open_ed-425 eoa2 Arabic OpenEdition
open_ed-838 eoth Thai OpenEdition
open_ed-870 eolz Central European OpenEdition
open_ed-875 eoel Greek OpenEdition
open_ed-924 eolt European OpenEdition
open_ed-1025 eocy Cyrillic OpenEdition
open_ed-1026 eotr Turkish OpenEdition
open_ed-1047 eol1 Western OpenEdition
open_ed-1112 eobl Baltic OpenEdition
open_ed-1122 eoet Estonian OpenEdition
open_ed-1130 eovi Vietnamese OpenEdition
open_ed-1140 eo40 North American OpenEdition
open_ed-1141 e041 Austria/Germany OpenEdition

open_ed-1142 e042 Denmark/Norway OpenEdition
open_ed-1143 e043 Finland/Sweden OpenEdition
open_ed-1144 e044 Italy OpenEdition
open_ed-1145 e045 Spain OpenEdition
open_ed-1146 e046 United Kingdom OpenEdition
open_ed-1147 e047 France OpenEdition
open_ed-1148 e048 International OpenEdition
pcoem437 p437 USA IBM-PC
pcoem850 p850 Western IBM-PC
pcoem852 p852 Central European IBM-PC
pcoem857 p857 Turkish IBM-PC
pcoem858 p858 European IBM-PC
pcoem860 p860 Portuguese MS-DOS
pcoem862 p862 Hebrew IBM-PC
pcoem863 p863 French Canadian IBM-PC
pcoem864 p864 Arabic IBM-PC
pcoem865 p865 Nordic IBM-PC
pcoem866 p866 Cyrillic IBM-PC
pcoem869 p869 Greek IBM-PC
pcoem874 p874 Thai IBM-PC
pcoem921 p921 Baltic IBM-PC
pcoem922 p922 Estonia IBM-PC
pcoem1129 pvie Vietnamese IBM-PC
shift-jis sjis Japanese SJIS
thai thai Thai ISO
utf-8 utf8 Unicode (UTF-8)
utf-16be u16b Unicode (UTF-16BE)
utf-16le u16l Unicode (UTF-16LE)
utf-32be u32b Unicode (UTF-32BE)
utf-32le u32l Unicode (UTF-32LE)
us-ascii ansi enables you to create a data set that is compatible with all ASCII encodings
warabic wara Arabic Windows
wbaltic wbal Baltic Windows
wcyrillic wcyr Cyrillic Windows
wgreek wgrk Greek Windows
whebrew wheb Hebrew Windows
wlatin1 wlt1 Western Windows
wlatin2 wlt2 Central European Windows
wturkish wtur Turkish Windows
wvietnamese wvie Vietnamese Windows

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