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Cross-Environment Data Access (CEDA)

CEDA Limitations

CEDA is not the preferred strategy for network file access in all situations. CEDA has these limitations:

If you have performance problems, analyze file access patterns to determine whether the data set is located on the correct computer. For example, if the SAS data set is represented in UNIX data format, but most of the read operations originate from Windows computers, you might consider moving the data set to a Windows computer and changing the data set's UNIX file format to Windows format. Windows access to a network-mounted file in Windows format would not require CEDA. Changing the file's format would improve performance and allow write and update access. However, CEDA would be used to translate between the native Windows format of the SAS file being accessed and the accessing computers other than Windows (such as UNIX, z/OS, and OpenVMS).

For complete details about the types of data that CEDA supports and restrictions on using CEDA, see Processing Data Using Cross-Environment Data Access in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.

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