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Examples of Moving SAS Files

The Overview of Examples of Moving SAS Files between Computers

These examples show the creation, transfer, and restoration of transport files between two computers that run under different operating environments. This table describes the basic characteristics of each example:

Summary of the Examples of Moving SAS Files
Members to Move Source Computer and SAS Version Target Computer and SAS Version Strategy
Data sets OpenVMS 6.12 UNIX 8 XPORT engine with PROC COPY
Data sets and catalogs z/OS 6.09 Windows 8 PROC CPORT and PROC CIMPORT
Data sets JCL Batch z/OS 6.09 UNIX 9 XPORT engine with PROC COPY

Although the examples are operating environment-specific, the basic SAS command syntax for all transport methods is identical across operating environments. The noteworthy syntax difference among operating environment types is the specification of the SAS library in the LIBNAME statement. For complete details about the syntax for the LIBNAME statement, see your operating environment companion documentation.

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