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SAS Filename Extensions and File Headers

Filename Extensions: Identifying the SAS Engine and Operating Environment Used to Create a SAS File

You can infer from the SAS filename extension the SAS engine and the operating environment under which a SAS file was created. For SAS 6 and later, these operating environments use filename extensions to reflect the SAS engine and the SAS member that is created:

This table lists SAS filename extensions for members by operating environment and SAS version.

SAS Filename Extension by Operating Environment Type and SAS Version
Member SAS Filename Extensions
SAS 6 SAS 8 and Later
UNIX OpenVMS Windows UNIX, OpenVMS, z/OS*, and Windows
.SAS .sas .SAS .sas .sas

(DATA step)

.sspnn .SASEB$PROGRAM .ss2 sas7bpgm
DATA .ssdnn .SASEB$DATA .sd2 .sas7bdat
INDEX .snxnn .SASEB$INDEX .si2 .sas7bndx
CATALOG .sctnn .SASEB$CATALOG .sc2 .sas7bcat
MDDB .ssmnn .SASEB$MDDB .sm2 .sas7bmdb
PROC SQL view .snvnn SASEB$VIEW .sv2 .sas7bvew
ITEMSTOR not applicable not applicable not applicable .sas7bitm

The extension nn is used to differentiate among UNIX computer architectures. To learn the values of nn under UNIX operating environments, see UNIX Operating Environment Filename Extensions.

* refers to SAS 8 and later z/OS UNIX System Services Directory.

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