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z/OS Operating Environment

Transfer Issues for a z/OS Target Computer

Record Length

In some instances, a transport file that is transferred to a z/OS target computer has the correct file format, but it has an incorrect record length. For recovery actions for this problem, see Verifying That the Transport File Has Not Been Corrupted.

Example: FTP and the z/OS Target Computer

Here is an FTP example in which the z/OS target computer gets the transport file from the source computer:

> ftp
> open source-host
> binary
> locsite recfm=fb blksize=8000 lrecl=80
> get xportout target
> close
> quit

Here is an FTP example in which the source computer puts the transport file on the z/OS target computer:

> ftp
> open target-host
> binary 80
> quote site recfm=fb blksize=8000 lrecl=80
> put xportout target
> close
> quit

Note:   In order to transfer a transport file to any directory-based operating environment such as Windows or UNIX, do not use the FTP QUOTE SITE or the FTP LOCSITE command to declare file attributes.  [cautionend]

Windows Attachmate and the z/OS Target Computer

If you use Extra for Windows, select translation NONE and verify that the File Transfer dialog box contains this information:

send a:grades xportout lrecl(80) blksize(8000) 
  recfm(f) space(10,10) 

See your operating environment documentation for details.

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