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OpenVMS Operating Environment

Listing OpenVMS System File Attributes

To list the attributes of a file created under an OpenVMS operating environment system, specify this command:

DIR/FULL transport-file

Here is the typical output:

   Directory DISK01:[JOE.XPTTEST]
   XPTLIB.DAT;1                  File ID: 31223,952,0)         
   Size:            7/8          Owner:  [DISK01,JOE]
   Created:  25-APR-2008 16:47:31.34
   Revised:  25-APR-2008 16:47:31.69 (1)
   Expires:  <No backup recorded>
   Effective: <None specified> 
   Recording: <None specified>
   File organization: Sequential
   Shelved state:      Online 
   File attributes:    Allocation: 8, Extend: 0, 
      Global buffer count: 0   Version limit: 2
   Record format:Fixed length 512 byte records  1  
   Record attributes:  None  2  
   RMS attributes:     None
   Journaling enabled: None
   File protection:    System:RWED, Owner:RWED,
      Group:RE, World:
   Access Cntrl List:  None
   Total of 1 file, 7/8 blocks.
   $ dir/size xptlib.dat
   Directory DISK01:[JOE.XPTTEST]
   XPTLIB.DAT;1               7
   Total of 1 file, 7 blocks.

[1] The OpenVMS RECORD FORMAT attribute indicates a fixed record type and a record length of 512 bytes.

[2] The RECORD ATTRIBUTES field can contain the value NONE.

If this field contains the value CARRIAGE RETURN CARRIAGE CONTROL, file corruption results.

To prevent corruption before you transfer the transport file, remove this value from the RECORD ATTRIBUTES field. An error message alerts you to this condition after you try to transfer the corrupted file.   [cautionend]

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