Import a Model from a SAS Analytic Store File

The HPFOREST and HPSVM procedures are used by SAS Factory Miner to create the SAS analytic store (SASAST) file that contains the model scoring files and model input and output variables. You can register SAS analytic store models from SAS Factory Miner, or you can register them by importing a model from a SAS analytical store file into SAS Model Manager. SAS analytic store models that are created using SAS Enterprise Miner and that are in SAS package file (SPK) format are not supported in this release.
SAS Model Manager supports publishing SAS analytic store models only to Hadoop and Teradata. The scoring files that are required for analytic store scoring by the SAS Scoring Accelerator are generated by the HPFOREST or HPSVM procedures. The HPFOREST and HPSVM procedures can also be used in Base SAS to create a SAS analytic store model. For more information, see Introduction to Analytic Store Scoring in SAS In-Database Products: User’s Guide and SAS Factory Miner: User’s Guide.
Note: When you are importing a model from a SAS analytic store file, the model function defaults to the value of Analytical and the file does not contain a target variable. When you are registering models from SAS Factory Miner to the model repository, the model function value of classification or prediction is accepted.
To import a model from a SAS analytic store file:
  1. Click Import model and select Importthen selectfrom a SAS analytic store file.
    Import Model From a SAS Analytic Store file.
  2. On the Browse tab, click Select a Model and navigate to the location of the file. Select the file to import and click Open.
  3. Enter a name for the model.
  4. Click OK.
Last updated: June 12, 2017