SYSPARM= System Option

Specifies a character string that can be passed to SAS programs.
Valid in: Configuration fileOPTIONS windowOPTIONS statementSAS invocation
Type: System option



Required Argument

is a character string, enclosed in quotation marks, with a maximum length of 200.


The character string specified can be accessed in a SAS DATA step by the SYSPARM() function or anywhere in a SAS program by using the automatic macro variable reference &SYSPARM.
Operating Environment Information: The syntax shown here applies to the OPTIONS statement. At invocation, on the command line, or in a configuration file, the syntax is host specific. For details, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.

Example: Passing a User Identification to a Program

This example uses the SYSPARM option to pass a user identification to a program.
options sysparm='usr1';
data a;
   length z $100;
   if sysparm()='usr1' then z="&sysparm";