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Macro Processing

Summary of Macro Processing

The previous sections illustrate the relationship between macro compilation and execution and DATA step compilation and execution. The relationship contains a pattern of simple repetitive actions. These actions begin when text is submitted to the input stack and the word scanner begins tokenization. At times the word scanner waits for the macro processor to perform an activity, such as searching the symbol tables or compiling a macro definition. If the macro processor generates text during its activity, then it pauses while the word scanner tokenizes the text and sends the tokens to the appropriate target. These tokens might trigger other actions in parts of SAS, such as the DATA step compiler, the command processor, or a SAS procedure. If any of these actions occur, the macro processor waits for these actions to be completed before resuming its activity. When the macro processor stops, the word scanner resumes tokenization. This process continues until the entire program has been processed.

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