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Introduction to the SAS Windowing Environment

Getting Help in SAS

Type Help in the Command Line

When you type Help in the command line, help for the active window displays. When you type Help <item> (for example, Help footnotes), you can access help for the item that you entered.

Open the Help Menu from the Toolbar

When you open the Help menu, you can select from the following choices:

Using This Window

opens a Help system window that describes the current active window.

SAS Help and Documentation

opens the SAS Help and Documentation system. Help is available for Base SAS and other SAS products that are installed on your system. You can find information by clicking an item in the table of contents or by searching for the item and then clicking the results.

Getting Started with SAS Software

opens the Getting Started with SAS tutorial. This is a good way to learn the basics of how to use SAS.

Learning SAS Programming

enables you to use SAS online training if you have an online training license. The software provides 50-60 hours of instruction for beginning as well as experienced SAS programmers.

SAS on the Web

provides links to the SAS Web site (if you have Web access), where you can do the following:

  • Contact Technical Support.

  • Find information about Training Services.

  • Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  • Send feedback.

  • Access the Customer Support Center.

  • Browse the SAS home page.

About SAS®9

provides version and release information about SAS.

Click Help in Individual SAS Windows

When you open a SAS window, you can press the HELP key (usually F1) from your keyboard to display information about that window.

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