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Processing Data Using Cross-Environment Data Access (CEDA)

Creating Files in a Foreign Data Representation

By default, when you create a new file, SAS uses the data representation of the CPU that is running SAS. You can specify the OUTREP= option to override this default.

The OUTREP= option is both a SAS data set option and a LIBNAME statement option. The data set option applies to an individual file. The LIBNAME statement option applies to an entire library. This option uses CEDA to create a file that has a foreign data representation. For example, in a UNIX environment, you can create a data set that is foreign to UNIX, but which is native to Windows.

See Example 2: Creating a New File in a Foreign Environment and Example 3: Changing the Data Representation of an Existing File.

See the OUTREP= option for the LIBNAME statement or the OUTREP= data set option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.

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