Resolves the argument, and issues the resolved value for execution at the next step boundary.

Category: Macro


CALL EXECUTE(argument);

Required Argument


specifies a character expression or a constant that yields a macro invocation or a SAS statement. Argument can be:

  • a character string, enclosed in quotation marks.
  • the name of a DATA step character variable. Do not enclose the name of the DATA step variable in quotation marks.
  • a character expression that the DATA step resolves to a macro text expression or a SAS statement.


If argument resolves to a macro invocation, the macro executes immediately and DATA step execution pauses while the macro executes. If argument resolves to a SAS statement or if execution of the macro generates SAS statements, the statement(s) execute after the end of the DATA step that contains the CALL EXECUTE routine. CALL EXECUTE is fully documented in SAS Macro Language: Reference.