CUMIPMT Function

Returns the cumulative interest paid on a loan between the start and end period.

Category: Financial


Required Arguments


specifies the interest rate per payment period.


specifies the number of payment periods. number-of-periods must be a positive integer value.


specifies the principal amount of the loan. Zero is assumed if a missing value is specified.

Optional Arguments


specifies the start period for the calculation.


specifies the end period for the calculation.


specifies whether the payments occur at the beginning or end of a period. 0 represents the end-of-period payments, and 1 represents the beginning-of-period payments. 0 is assumed if type is omitted or if a missing value is specified.


  • The cumulative interest that is paid during the second year of a $125,000, 30-year loan with end-of-period monthly payments and a nominal annual interest rate of 9%, is computed as follows:
    TotalInterest = CUMIPMT(0.09/12, 360, 125000, 13, 24, 0);
    This computation returns a value of 11,135.23.
  • The interest that is paid on the first period of the same loan is computed in the following way:
    first_period_interest = CUMIPMT(0.09/12, 360, 125000, 1, 1, 0);
    This computation returns a value of 937.50.