NPV Function

Returns the net present value with the rate expressed as a percentage.

Category: Financial



Required Arguments


is numeric, the interest rate over a specified base period of time expressed as a percentage.


is numeric, the number of payments during the base period of time specified with the rate r.

Range freq > 0
Note The case freq = 0 is a flag to allow continuous discounting.


are numeric cash flows that represent cash outlays (payments) or cash inflows (income) occurring at times 0, 1, ...n. These cash flows are assumed to be equally spaced, beginning-of-period values. Negative values represent payments, positive values represent income, and values of 0 represent no cash flow at a given time. The c0 argument and the c1 argument are required.


The NPV function is identical to NETPV, except that the r argument is provided as a percentage.