SYSMSG Function

Returns error or warning message text from processing the last data set or external file function.

Categories: SAS File I/O
External Files




SYSMSG returns the text of error messages or warning messages that are produced when a data set or external file access function encounters an error condition. If no error message is available, the returned value is blank. The internally stored error message is reset to blank after a call to SYSMSG, so subsequent calls to SYSMSG before another error condition occurs return blank values.


This example uses SYSMSG to write to the SAS log the error message generated if FETCH cannot copy the next observation into the Data Set Data Vector. The return code is 0 only when a record is fetched successfully:
%let rc=%sysfunc(fetch(&dsid));
%if &rc ne 0 %then
   %put %sysfunc(sysmsg());

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