INPUTN Function

Enables you to specify a numeric informat at run time.

Category: Special


INPUTN(source, informat<,w<,d> > )

Required Arguments


specifies a character constant, variable, or expression to which you want to apply the informat.


is a character constant, variable or expression that contains the numeric informat that you want to apply to source.

Optional Arguments


is a numeric constant, variable, or expression that specifies a width to apply to the informat.

Interaction If you specify a width here, it overrides any width specification in the informat.


is a numeric constant, variable, or expression that specifies the number of decimal places to use.

Interaction If you specify a number here, it overrides any decimal-place specification in the informat.


The INPUTC function enables you to specify a character informat at run time. Using the INPUT function is faster because you specify the informat at compile time.


This example shows how to specify numeric informats. The PROC FORMAT step in this example creates a format, READDATE., that formats the variable values 1 and 2 with the name of a SAS date informat. The DATA step creates a SAS data set from raw data originally from two different sources (indicated by the value of the variable SOURCE). Each source specified dates differently. After reading a record, the DATA step uses the value of SOURCE to create a variable, DATEINF, that contains the value of the appropriate informat for reading the date. The DATA step also creates a new variable, NEWDATE, whose value is a SAS date. The INPUTN function assigns the value of NEWDATE based on the source of the observation and the appropriate informat.
   proc format;
      value readdate 1='date7.'
   options yearcutoff=1920;
   data fixdates (drop=start dateinformat);
      length jobdesc $12;
      input source id lname $ jobdesc $ start $;
      dateinformat=put(source, readdate.);
      newdate = inputn(start, dateinformat);
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