SYSPROD Function

Determines whether a product is licensed.

Category: Special



Required Argument


specifies a character constant, variable, or expression with a value that is the name of a SAS product.

Requirement Product-name must be the correct official name of the product or solution.


The SYSPROD function returns 1 if a specific SAS software product is licensed, 0 if it is a SAS software product but not licensed for your system, and -1 if the product name is not recognized. If SYSPROD indicates that a product is licensed, it means that the final license expiration date has not passed.
It is possible for a SAS software product to exist on your system even though the product is no longer licensed. In this case, SAS cannot access this product. Similarly, it is possible for a product to be licensed, but not installed.
Use SYSPROD in the DATA step, in an IML step, or in an SCL program.


These examples determine whether a specified product is licensed.
  • x=sysprod('graph');
    If SAS/GRAPH software is currently licensed, then SYSPROD returns a value of 1. If SAS/GRAPH software is not currently licensed, then SYSPROD returns a value of 0.
  • x=sysprod('abc');
    SYSPROD returns a value of –1 because ABC is not a valid product name.
  • x=sysprod('base');
    x=sysprod('base sas');
    SYSPROD always returns a value of 1 because the Base product must be licensed for the SYSPROD function to run successfully.