About This Book


Introduction to SAS IT Resource Management is intended to address the needs of the following types of users:
Information Consumers
Information consumers are business people who are interested in the overall performance aspects of IT at a company. They need to access IT intelligence reports from the office as well as from remote locations in order to support decision-making. Information consumers often function as system architects, IT managers, and IT executives.
Performance Analysts
Performance analysts understand how to analyze the IT resource measurement data that is managed by data administrators. They analyze this data in order to best benefit the business and to improve the utilization, availability, and performance of IT enterprise resources. To do this, performance analysts use SAS IT Resource Management to design, create, and share reports. They often function as capacity planners, system administrators, and business analysts.
Data Administrators
Data administrators create the analysis and report-ready data sources used by performance analysts and information consumers for the purposes of performing IT performance management and capacity planning tasks. They accomplish this task by setting up jobs to transform IT performance data measurements into actionable data sources from which IT intelligence is derived. They also create and schedule report jobs so that resulting reports are rendered and made accessible in report galleries. Data administrators often function as IT performance managers and capacity planners.


Prerequisites for using SAS IT Resource Management are:
  • An operating environment that includes SAS IT Resource Management software.
  • A user ID and password with permissions that are appropriate for that user's use of IT Resource Management functions.
  • Depending on your role, you might need direct access to the SAS technologies upon which SAS IT Resource Management is built and which are installed with this solution. If you have questions about this, contact your system administrator.