What’s New in SAS 9.3 Integration Technologies


New features for SAS Integration Technologies in SAS 9.3 include a number of general enhancements for the following products:
  • SAS Stored Processes
  • SAS BI Web Services
  • SAS Publishing Framework
  • Application Messaging
  • SAS Foundation Services
  • SAS Integration Technologies Java Clients

General Enhancements

SAS Integration Technologies includes the following enhancements:
  • SAS 9.3 Stored Processes introduces several new features, including stored process reports, the STP procedure, enhancements to the SAS Stored Process Web Application and stored process metadata, as well as general enhancements. See the SAS Stored Processes: Developer's Guide.
  • SAS BI Web Services introduce several new features for programmers that make it easier to consume SAS Stored Processes using popular Web service protocols. New features include support for new transport types, integration with SAS 9.3 Stored Process features, more management capabilities, an engine rewrite for speedier execution and more comprehensive extensions, and a feature that eliminates the need to use the Deploy as Web Service wizard in SAS Management Console to create new generated Web services. In addition, SAS BI Web Services for .NET has been discontinued in SAS 9.3. See the SAS BI Web Services: Developer's Guide.
  • SAS Publishing Framework provides the ability to publish to Microsoft SharePoint, as well as new properties for CALL routines. See the SAS Publishing Framework: Developer's Guide.
  • Application messaging provides a new JMS file access method, support for JMS polling servers, and new attributes for the MQINQ call routine. See Application Messaging with SAS.
  • In SAS Foundation Services, the Logging service is deprecated.
  • SAS Integration Technologies provides a new zero-configuration workspace server. See the SAS Integration Technologies: Java Client Developer's Guide.