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What's New in SAS/IML 9.2

New Related Software

SAS/STAT® users will be interested in SAS/IML® Studio, formerly known as SAS® Stat Studio, which is new software for data exploration and analysis. SAS/IML Studio provides a highly flexible programming environment in which you can run SAS/STAT® or SAS/IML® analyses and display the results with dynamically linked graphics and data tables. SAS/IML Studio is intended for data analysts who write SAS® programs to solve statistical problems but need more versatility for data exploration and model building. The programming language in SAS/IML Studio, which is called IMLPlus, is an enhanced version of the SAS/IML programming language. IMLPlus extends SAS/IML to provide new language features, including the ability to create and manipulate statistical graphics, call SAS procedures as functions, and call computational programs written in C, C++, Java, and Fortran. SAS/IML Studio runs on a PC in the Microsoft Windows operating environment.

SAS/IML Studio also includes an experimental interface to the R language. The IMLPlus language includes functions that transfer data between SAS data sets and R data frames, and between SAS/IML matrices and R matrices.

SAS/IML Studio also provides similar interactive functionality to the SAS/INSIGHT® product. It is distributed with the SAS/IML product.

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