Distribution Analysis: Descriptive Statistics

Plots Tab

You can use the Plots tab to create a histogram and a box plot of the chosen variable. (See FigureĀ 13.5.)

The histogram can include a kernel density estimate. You can determine the bandwidth for the kernel density method by selecting an option from the Selection method list. The options are as follows:


specifies that the kernel bandwidth is chosen to minimize an approximate mean integrated square error.


specifies that the kernel bandwidth is chosen by a plug-in formula of Sheather and Jones (Jones, Marron, and Sheather 1996).


sets the kernel bandwidth to the value of the Bandwidth field.

Figure 13.5: Selecting Plots

Selecting Plots

Note: SAS/IML Studio adds a kernel density estimate to an existing histogram when both of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • The histogram is the active window when you select the analysis.

  • The histogram variable and the analysis variable are the same.