Data Smoothing: Thin-Plate Spline

Output Variables Tab

You can use the Output Variables tab (FigureĀ 19.7) to add analysis variables to the data table. If you request a plot that uses one of the output variables, then that variable is automatically created even if you did not explicitly select the variable on the Output Variables tab.

The following list describes each output variable and indicates how it is named. Y represents the name of the response variable.

Predicted values

adds predicted values. The variable is named TPSplP_Y.

Confidence limits for means

adds 95% confidence limits for the expected value (mean). The variables are named TPSplLclm_Y and TPSplUclm_Y.

Raw residuals

adds residuals, which are calculated as observed values minus predicted values. The variable is named TPSplR_Y.

Figure 19.7: The Output Variables Tab

The Output Variables Tab