Distribution Analysis: Location and Scale Statistics

Tables Tab

You can use the Tables tab to display tables that summarize the location and scale estimates. The Tables tab is shown in FigureĀ 14.4.

The following list describes the tables that can be displayed by the analysis:

Basic measures

displays statistics that are related to the central location and the spread of the data.


displays the most frequently occurring value or values.

Basic confidence intervals

displays confidence limits for the mean, standard deviation, and variance, under the assumption that the data are normally distributed.

Robust location (trimmed/Winsorized mean)

displays information and statistics for a two-sided trimmed mean and a two-sided Winsorized mean. You can use the Cutoff field to enter the percentage or number of observations to trim or Winsorize.

Robust scale

displays various robust scale statistics.

Tests for location

displays various tests for the hypothesis that the mean or median is equal to a given value. You can use the Location field to specify the value. The value is also used in the tables for the trimmed and Winsorized means.