Distribution Analysis: Descriptive Statistics

Tables Tab

You can use the Tables tab to display tables that summarize the results of the univariate analysis. The Tables tab is shown in FigureĀ 13.3. You can choose from the following tables:

Sample moments

displays sample moments and related statistics, including the mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis.

Basic measures

displays statistics that are related to the central location and the spread of the data.


displays quantile information.

Confidence limits for normal data

adds confidence limits to the "Quantiles" table, based on the assumption that the data are normally distributed.

Distribution-free confidence limits

adds confidence limits to the "Quantiles" table, based on order statistics.

Extreme observations

displays the observations with the highest and lowest values for the selected variable.

Extreme values

displays the extreme values (highest and lowest) for the selected variable.

Missing values

displays the frequency and percentage of missing values for the selected variable.

Note: The observation numbers in the "Extreme Observations" table reflect the observations that are included in the analysis. If you exclude observations from the analysis, the observation numbers reported in the "Extreme Observations" table might not correspond to the same observations in the data table.