Running Custom Analyses

Example: Run Sample Programs

SAS/IML Studio is distributed with samples of programs written in IMLPlus. To open these programs:

  1. Select FileOpenFile from the main menu.

  2. Click Go to Installation directory near the bottom of the dialog box.

  3. Double-click the Programs folder.

  4. Double-click one of the subfolders: Demos, Doc, or Samples. Navigate additional subfolders as necessary.

  5. Select a file with an .sx extension.

  6. Click Open.

The Demos folder contains advanced programs that demonstrate some of the capabilities of the IMLPlus language. The Doc folder contains introductory programs that are described in SAS/IML Studio for SAS/STAT Users. The Samples folder contains elementary programs that demonstrate how to perform simple tasks in IMLPlus. You can refer to these sample programs as you write more sophisticated programs.